Today marks 1 year since the podcast launched! Since the first episode, there have been 8 episodes of Urban Limitrophe spanning 7 countries (2 in the diaspora and 5 on the African continent) each celebrating the interesting projects that the guests had to share. Read on for some updates about what some of the past guests have been working on, a sneak peek for guests to come in 2022, and some other bonus content!

Episode Updates

Surf Ghana

In December 2021, I spoke with Sandy, the founder of Surf Ghana, about the organization's fundraiser to build Accra's first skatepark. Since the episode has aired they have successfully built the park and have even begun hosting events and activities like DJ workshops! 

To stay up to date about the park, you can follow the Freedom Skatepark's journey on Instagram @freedomskateparkgh.

To learn more about the project and listen to the episode click here.

McNulty Consulting 

In the second episode of the podcast, I spoke with Grant McNulty of McNulty Consulting about iAfrika, a new mobile-friendly platform that provides libraries and their patrons a unique service that allows them to create library content in local languages. Since the episode aired in February, McNulty Consulting has launched a new initiative called Diji. Diji is a digital learning platform for African language speakers to learn African languages.

To learn more about Diji please click here

To learn more about the project and listen to the episode click here.

The Abibiman Project

Since we last chatted in March 2021, Rachel of The Abibiman Project has been hard at work growing her initiative by hosting pop-ups across Toronto to share her delicious African dishes, spices, teas, and treats. Her hard work has not gone unnoticed and Rachel has been recognized by Kostuch Media Ltd.'s (KML) Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine for being a Top 30 Under 30 in her industry!

To read the announcement and learn more click here and here!

To learn more about the project and listen to the episode click here.

The Hope Raisers Initiative

In the fourth episode of the podcast, I met with Daniel Onyango of the Hope Raisers Initiative, about how their Future Yetu (Our Future) program is breaking down barriers between the public and public policymakers, and how the organization is using digital storytelling as a tool for addressing climate change. Since the episode aired, they've released the Korogocho Climate Adaptation Manifesto that they had been developing when we last spoke. 

To read the manifesto and learn more about the project click here.

To learn more and listen to the episode click here.


In June 2021, I chatted with Naomi, the founder of the with Gbobètô, about their Projet Énergie verte (Green Energy Project) and how they're turning local waste into biomass briquettes that act as a source of sustainable and affordable energy in areas with poor electricity access in Bénin. Since the episode aired they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise 15,000 Euros to expand the project and begin mass-producing their biomass briquettes.

To donate and learn more about their fundraiser please click here!

To learn more about the project and listen to the episode click here.

Upcoming Podcast Guests

Year 2 of Urban Limitrophe is set to be filled with even more exciting projects! Stay tuned for interviews with guests from:
  • The Dikan Center (Accra, Ghana)
  • Ushahidi (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • BuildXStudio (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • BuildHer (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • The Black Planning Project (Toronto, Canada)
  • Mapping Black Futures Now (Toronto, Canada)
  • Le Centre d'Art Waza (Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • and more!

Guest Music Recommendations

After each interview, I ask the podcast guests for a song from an African artist that they enjoy. To hear some of the tunes that past guests have shared, check out the playlist below! To learn who picked what songs, you can visit each guest's profile on the podcast's Instagram profile: @urbanlimitrophe

Thank You!

I wanted to give a big thank you to the show's guests, listeners, and supporters (you know who you are!) for helping Urban Limitrophe's first-year start off with a bang! And of course, thank you to the sponsors who have supported the various episodes released this year: