In the fourth episode of the podcast, I met with Daniel Onyango of the Hope Raisers Initiative. Daniel and I discussed how their Future Yetu (Our Future) program is breaking down barriers between the public and policymakers, and how the organization is using digital storytelling as a tool for addressing climate change. 

In our interview, Daniel shared the multi step process of collecting local stories and experiences with climate change (including the unconventional, creative means they used to gather community input). He also explained how the insights from the stories and consultations would go on to build not only a Carbon Sink Pocket Park in the neighbourhood but the Korogocho Community Climate Adaptation Manifesto. During our discussion, Daniel revealed how the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the manifesto would go on to inform the City of Nairobi's Climate Adaptation Plan. 

When we spoke they were still hard at work developing the manifesto, but in late May 2021 they finally released it! So, to read the manifesto and learn more about the project please visit:

To learn more about the organization and their work, make sure to tune into Episode 4: How Hope Raisers Uses Digital Storytelling To Build Community Climate Resilience In Nairobi, Kenya

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