Episode 22: Artistry Beyond Borders: Exploring the Power of Public Art in Toronto with Destinie Adélakun [VIDEO]

August 16, 2023

Public art plays a big role in bringing our favourite city streets and neighbourhoods to life.

Join me as I chat with Destinie Adélakun, an emerging multi-disciplinary artist, who masterfully weaves her Nigerian-Indian heritage into her breathtaking solo exhibition, "Journey of Adé." Destinie also shares the excitement of exhibiting at Toronto's renowned Nuit Blanche, her work bridging mental wellness and public art as part of the Scarborough-based Behind the Art Collective, and the crucial role that public art plays in shaping the identity of our cities. 


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Guest: Destinie Adélakun, Behind the Art Collective

Destinie Adélakun is a daughter of the diaspora hailing from the ocean groves of West Africa and South Asia. The award-winning artist aims to celebrate the Black and Brown identities of the diaspora using photographs, paintings, sculpture, film and digital media. Destinie’s work is driven by her personal values and experiences — themes of pre-colonial history, social justice, ancestry and belonging are vital in her work.  Destinie has been awarded the Canadian Women Artist of the Year Award 2020 by New York Foundation for the Arts. 



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