Facebook Debuts New Campaign Featuring Surf Ghana!

July 26, 2021

If you were watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremonies yesterday you might have caught a new advertisement launched by Facebook that was all about skateboarding. The video titled Skate Nation Ghana captures the dynamic energy and vibrancy of the urban skate community in Accra all while highlighting the work that Joshua Odamtten from Skate Nation Ghana and Sandy Alibo from Surf Ghana, and the rest of the collective have done over the years to grow the skateboarding and surfing community in the country. 

In January I was fortunate enough to chat with Sandy, the founder of Surf Ghana to learn more about the organization, their fundraising efforts to build Freedom Skatepark (the first of its kind in Accra) and how they make room for more young girls to get involved with board sports through their Skate Gal Club.

To learn more about the organization and their work, make sure to tune into Episode 1: How Surf Ghana is Building the First Skatepark in Accra 

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