We've got some thrilling updates to share with you. The Urban Limitrophe podcast has just taken a giant leap into the world of visuals with the launch of our very own YouTube channel! 

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Are you ready to embark on a visual journey with us? Our podcast has been all about exploring the fascinating dynamics of urban planning, African cities, and innovative ideas shaping our urban landscapes. Now, with our YouTube channel, we're taking this experience to a whole new level!

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What to Expect on Our YouTube Channel:

Get ready for immersive visual content that delves deep into the heart of urban planning, African cities and diasporic communities, and the stories that shape them. From captivating interviews with experts in the field to on-site explorations of urban initiatives, we're here to paint the vibrant tapestry of our cities.

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Upcoming Highlights 

The YouTube channel will feature in-depth interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the podcasting journey, on-the-ground tours of urban projects, and much more. Sharing all these moments via film allows us to delve deeper into the stories that matter most.

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Thank you for your incredible support on this journey. I can't wait to [visually] explore the world of urban planning, African cities, and innovative ideas with you on our new YouTube channel!

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