Episode 11:  How the Black Planning Project is Diversifying Urban Planning One Story at a Time | Urban Limitrophe Podcast | #urbanplanning #blackplanningproject #diversity

In this episode, I speak with Abigail Moriah, a registered urban planner and founder of the Black Planning Project. Through this initiative, Abigail and her team, collect and share the stories of Black urban planning professionals and students to highlight their important work and encourage more diverse voices to enter the profession. Most importantly, through its various mentorship opportunities and research endeavours, the Black Planning Project builds the relationships and the community ties necessary to make sure that urban planning and hopefully the city building sector overall makes room for new perspectives and ideas.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • why it is essential to encourage spaces where urban planners can discuss racial injustices in planning,
  • about some of the experiences and injustices that Black planners face in their profession,
  • about resources and advice for emerging urban planners of colour to help them navigate the field,
  • the importance of including diverse voices in the urban planning profession,
  • and much more!

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Guest: Abigail Moriah

Abigail Moriah is a connector, facilitator and urban planner specializing in affordable housing. Her diverse background in the nonprofit, community and public sectors have shaped how she reflects on and engages in urban planning practice, pursuing an approach that builds bridges across practitioners, scholars and community. Her practice focuses on Black experiences and engagement in planning and housing, community building and equity in development.

Follow the Black Planning Project on:

  • 3:30 | Introduction to Abigail Moriah and the Black Planning Project
  • 5:55 | The process of collecting the stories for the Black Planning Project
  • 8:39 | What has been the impact of the Black Planning Project
  • 10:18 | The importance of highlighting the stories and experiences of Black planners for increasing diversity in the field
  • 14:37 | Some of the common themes explored through the stories shared
  • 25:44 | Advice and resources for aspiring urban planners
  • 32:34 | What’s next for the Black Planning Project?
  • 38:05 | How to get involved with the Black Planning Project

Show Notes

Want to learn more? Check out this episode's references!

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