I am thrilled to announce that the Urban Limitrophe podcast is now sponsored by the University of Toronto's School of Cities!

The School of Cities vision is to become a "world-leading centre for innovative interdisciplinary urban research, education and engagement. It is where diverse communities will come together to spark new insights and design creative ways for cities and their citizens to thrive."

Like this podcast, the School seeks to "reflect a global sense of urbanism, with attention to the interplay between local and global contexts, and the relationships and networks that shape a sense of place."

Through the School researchers, students, experts, and more under one umbrella to partake in a number of different programs and initiatives and explore solutions to the complex urban problems affecting cities around the world. 

To learn more about the School of Cities and their various programs please visit www.schoolofcities.utoronto.ca/

To listen to some of the latest episodes you can use the web player below!

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