Hello lovely readers!

Thank you for checking into my old blog itsalamb.com. 

I appreciate you coming back for one more read, but I have decided to end that chapter of my life and begin a new one in the form of a podcast called Urban Limitrophe. 

Urban Limitrophe is a monthly podcast exploring the various initiatives happening in cities across the African continent (and occasionally a little closer to home) to creatively solve problems, support their communities, create vibrant urban spaces, and build better cities overall. To learn more about Urban Limitrophe and where you can tune in to the latest episodes please click here or follow on Instagram @urbanlimitrophe.

While unfortunately, the blog is no more, the memories live on my Instagram  @itsalamb!  I still like to post from time to time photos of travels, adventures, and food so follow me there to stay up to date!

Once again, thank you dear reader for supporting the evolution of my blog over the years! I hope you stick with me as I venture along this new creative path. But, if not, it has been a pleasure writing for you and I wish you all the very best!